2013 ... what will be new this new year?

Upon graduating I am now seeking to find my future.  I am passionate about elder care, bereavement care and hospice care.  As I seek to fulfill my own spiritual quest I find more and more I am connected to the earth and the seasons.  Living in Ontario, Canada I love the blanket of snow that is covering the green grass and keeping things quiet for the hibernating animals.  Spring will burst forth with new life in no time.  Can we apply this passion and love of life and death to our own world?  Can we overcome our fear of death and have a "good death"?  In dying we come to realize how precious life is here on earth but when we live seasonally we realize there must be more than what we can see.

Travel with me and embrace the frailty of human life.  Live while you can live and die when the time comes. 

In a good life there can be a good death.

1 comment:

  1. yes!
    under winter's blanket
    lies spring's passion
    the price of life is death
    thank you for reminding me, us
    to have a good life
    and maybe a good death