2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a

This week's lectionary is the followup to David having Uriah killed so he could be with Bathsheba.  Hard story to read but all in a day's work.  Last night at a video study I was awakened by the hunger of some folk to better understand the Bible and what it says.  Being deep in study for many years now I sometimes forget that the people I teach and work with are often where I was many years ago.  Hungry, eager and curious.  Where did that go for me? 

It is refreshing actually to read texts like 2 Sam. to remind myself how power can get in the way of God's work.  How we get so wrapped up in what we need, where we need to go and what day to day chores need to be done we forget to remember that God is with us asking us to care and love for our neighbour.   As Nathan weaves a tale that David is quick to condem the main character we are reminded that it takes community to hold a mirror in front of our face.  It takes community to keep us real and honest with what God wants us to accomplish and it takes community to help us accomplish it.  Building and caring for community is God's work.

My future is cloudy, simply because I am unsure of what is next in my journey.  But that being said I trust that the God I believe in will open the doors I need when I need them and it is my job to keep my eyes open, listen and be mindful of this partnership.  As God saturates me with love I will be fine. 

May you find food for your journey and community to walk along beside you.

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