Spring offers up new life and sprouts of hope

Are you watching as all the trees, grass, flowers and critters are exploding with spring? It is wonderful to see Mother Nature come to life and feel energized again. In being away over the long weekend at a wonderful women's conference it was a chance for me to regroup and really search my heart. Being in community with 600 women speaks to me. The presence of God was alive and well in each and every moment of the weekend.

Dynamic speakers, healthy plenary sessions, one on one chatting over a glass of wine and sharing in a meal. Reconnecting with women who have been lost to us and sharing with young and old. All good stuff.

I am at a cross roads of my life. Many changes are on the horizon, some I have control over and some I do not. What I do know is that God is in charge of my life because I choose to listen to my heart; I listen to the love of God guiding me. As I watch the revelation of God before me and put one foot in front of the other, I listen to the voice of God in people I work with, visit with and share in Sunday morning worship. I hear God in music, the heart beat of my cat and the cry of my grandson.

Where does it all lead? I really don't know yet, I am waiting and watching. So come on a journey with me as we watch and wait together.

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