Spring brings us such hope for the future....

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Luke 24:13-35 On the Road to Emmaus was the featured scripture yesterday and I believe I have shared how much I love this passage. However, like always as I was reading it yet again to preach it I found a verse I had never realized before.

Verse 27 "Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures." After asking questions and getting to know what these two were all about and allowing them to tell their story, Jesus taught.

How often do we never allow those we are trying to teach to tell their story. Shania Twain has just released her book and is telling her story. She said today on Canada AM that right now today she cannot sing. She is in physio to help correct this. It is an emotional block that she needs to deal with. She needs to tell her story. Do we not all need to tell our own story in order to empty the cup, open the void so that Jesus can then teach us anew?

On Monday's I often feel a little lost or in the midst of turmoil, wondering is this all God has planned for me. Preach and empty myself on Sunday, share with those in the pews and then find little to fill myself up with. What can I fill the void with? God is showing me.

This morning I went for a two hour bike ride. I enjoyed the spring sunshine, rode hard on rough terrain and was blessed with God's voice in my ears. "I love you", "you are wonderful", "keep up the good work" ............. "begin with Moses and all the prophets and interprete for them the things about Jesus they need to know........." "Love my children and share me with them." God is in charge of my journey I know this to be true.

Each day is a new beginning. A new day with another opportunity to be a beacon of God's love. Like on the road to Emmaus I can be Jesus in disguise, if I listen and teach then those I touch will suddenly see the presence of our Lord in their own lives.

Where is Jesus in your life? Is he there and you haven't noticed? Listen to God's voice in your life and you will start each day with a renewed sense of hope. Hope in this life and beyond this life.


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