in the Vortex....

What is a vortex?  A vortex is defined as a mass of whirling fluid or air, especially a whirlpool or whirlwind.  It is often seen as destructive or something to be feared.  That said, what if you were to put all your desires and passions into the vortex and let them strengthen and meld together and then touch down in your life?  What if you were to trust there is a vortex of divine love just waiting to take you places that you can only imagine at this point because they are in your dreams?  What if I was to tell you these dreams are simply a thought away? 

For the past 40 years I have been dreaming about what I desire and then thinking my way into my own self destruction ... then in January of 2018 I woke up, I dried out, I set aside that which was most in my way.  Alcohol and my own thoughts.  How many times have you been doing something and when all was said and done, you looked at it and said, "ah man, I knew that was going to happen!" and it was not what you wanted to happen, but it was what you "knew" would happen?  This is what I am talking about.  The deep belief of our thoughts that dictate the path of our lives.

I am so excited about the third trimester of my life I can barely live with myself.  I have finally unleashed the passion that has been in my heart and I am living a place of deep knowing.  This knowing is the divine source of my spirit and soul that pines and wants only joy and happiness for me.  I have arrived at the place where my spirit and soul are now in the driver's seat and the EGO is a healthy dose of direction and guidance instead of a dictating, challenging and harmful noise.

How did I get here?  With perseverance and choices and, most of all, an open and non-judgmental thinking and being existence.  It is so easy it is unbelievable however it is so easy that it feels like it is too good to be true, and to most people it will be.  Not because they cannot be here too but because they do believe it is too good to be true and often, with these people, the first words out of their mouth is, "oh, I can't ..." and as Henry Ford said, "if you think you can or you think you can't, you are right".

So here I am, on top of the world ready to launch into 30 more years of my life, happy, healthy, passionate and proud.  Come with me, won't you?   Talk to me, ask me how I did it!  Let me share my learnings and help you get where you want to be.

This past week I was in first aid training and met an amazing young man.  He is so observant and he is on a path to finding this deep passion.  He is so far ahead of where I was in my 20's and I am envious only because I love where I am so much I wish I had learned it earlier, but I didn't.  So now I can make the best of the next 30 years and let go of the past.

The divine love I am witnessing is big enough for all.  There is room for all and through proper channels and hard work you can be here too.  I want to help.  No fees, no strings, no programs (unless you want one) just conversation and community.  Come join me #breakingstibah .... be the best you can be.

Look into your crystal ball and tell your own future, write it on the wall!

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