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Good morning fellow turtles... today I am seeking energy from my fellow turtles. I am working on rebirth of me with yet a new journey in life. This seems to be my life's work is working on life's plan. It scares me so much and I end up pulling in my head and my feet and curling up in my shell afraid of the world. Do you ever feel like that?
It takes so much strength of character to stay out of my shell and continue plugging along, when the road gets challenging and scary! Finances are so tight right now and it becomes my main focus which is where I then go ... toward tight finances.  This happens when we laser beam our focus on something.  It manifests.... 
Please think of me today as you live life abundantly and know there is always enough and life is not about money. Life is about getting out there, showing up and being strong and the money will take care of itself. Today I must keep the intention of goodness in my sights and fear not that I am struggling with my financial energy today. There are four other currencies I can draw from ... Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical.  I teach about them, funny how the teacher must be reminded to also be the student!
The video is so relevant ... today I feel like I am on my back! Fellow turtlers please come with your energy and help me back on my feet! We are a tribe and in tribal life we gather in community in any way that supports the greater good!
How I feel today...... Click here!
Thank you everyone for listening!

I belong to a turtle tribe of friends lead by one of my favourite people Kevin Bulmer! 

Check him out! Kevin Bulmer  His wonderful talk "No Schedule Man" is powerful!

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