Caring for $400 Alex: Aging Adult Care with passion, dignity, respect

What is the care Cynthia Breadner provides?

How can a person often feel defeated, infuriated and frustrated and yet be amazed at the same time every day?  In this industry of caring for aging adults I see much that I wish to change or work with and I do the best I can every day.   The system is not good ... Let me tell you why.

I would like to ask people this question:  Would you ever leave your 2 year old sleeping the crib and go to work and hope the babysitter shows up at some point?  Would you leave your 6 month old sitting in their car seat, in the living room, and head to a party without having the caregiver there before you go?  I think most of you are shaking your heads, however later stages life is no different than the early stages of life.  Sitting with a person to care for them is the job, regardless of age.

Just because aging adults have witnessed life and have walked and talked and lived to the fullest (or not), today, if they cannot get out of bed, bathe themselves, get a meal or walk to the corner store they deserve the same care and attention as the babes in your life.  The aging adult in your life deserves respect and adult handling, however they deserve safety and solid caregiving just as much.  I cannot believe how often I am in private care with an aging adult and they get phone call, "sorry your worker will not be coming today and we can't find anyone else to come."  The two year old will spend the day in the crib.  Why does it seem acceptable to let down the client in the home waiting for care when the provincial government prides itself on an "aging at home" strategy?  I wonder if it is because they know with the poor system a person ages simply waiting for the strategy care promised.

Our government system is failing badly and will only get worse over time.  It is a broken system which will be more challenged as the aging population makes demands and pushes its way through the next 25 years.  As I work with feet in both camps and see harried workers pushed to the breaking point and aging adults who feel like a "bother" and a strain on a younger person's life I am more and more passionate about every person I meet.

Dignity is required for ALL ... Black lives matter, children need care, marriages require attention, pets should be loved and aging adults need good caregiving!  Simple.

The amazing part of my work is the many wonderful stories I read and hear of people taking charge in their later years.  This one particularly made me smile today.  When did death become something to fear so badly you would trade your last years for misery and pain when you could choose to do this:



Picture from the "Driving Miss Norma" fB page

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