Boomsday is here

Greetings, I was locked out of my blog for a while due to unrealized changes.  Now I am back.  It was a good time away as I have realized a drive I did not know I have.  A drive to shed light and take a flashlight into the cobwebs.  I hope you will walk with me.

I will be reading a book called "Boomsday" by Christopher Buckley.  It is a satire about the day the first aging adults begin to swell through the aging system.  Youth take exception, rioting and challenging the status quo to simply sit back and take it.

As I read it I hope to share this piece as it is quite funny while it brings to the forefront a need for people to look at aging as a stage of life that needs much planning.  It also sheds light on the ethical question around assisted/chosen suicide in older adults.  Suicide in aging adults is shoved under the carpet and I will provide stats as I blog.

Please feel free to share my blog with others and contact me should you wish anything researched and developed as interested.  I am hungry to do more, to share more and, as an aging adult myself, I am very interested in what my future will look like.

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