Feeling the pulse...

As I ponder this beautiful picture it makes my heart soar.  I want to dance like this.  Yesterday with the younger generation I asked them to be seeds in the ground and grow as the sun warmed the ground.  At first I asked them to grow on one foot and pushed them over.  I wanted to point out we are better grounded on our two feet and it is our roots that keep us centred and anchored.  Mother Earth has a pulse from which we draw energy and life.  Most recently as temps have been up and down and it reminds me of a pulse.  Mother Earth is reminding us she is alive and taking good care of herself.  We, as humankind, should take notice.   Attention is focused inward and onto our technology forgetting the beauty around us. 

The frosted window gives way to a beautiful map reminding me that I can't look out but need to look at what Mother Nature creates.  Beautiful creations. I like being poked into awareness and creation does this daily.  Pokes me and reminds me to pay attention.

A wonderful woman I love died this week.  The end of January I had a wonderful visit with her and she was poking me reminding me to be present in the moment.  She will live on in the hearts of all. 

I am genuinely happy and I hope you are too.  I have work to do and will continue to search for work that feeds my passions.  I have learned to wait.  I have learned to ponder.  I have learned to watch.  Heading into the Lenten season (a church season) it is a time to evaluate the wilderness of our lives and see where we need to improve and purge.  As something in our life ends there are always new beginnings.

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  1. i agree that 'Attention is focused inward and onto our technology forgetting the beauty around us'--lent strikes me as time of inward focus, but it needs to be balanced with an outward view, eh, a spring cleaning of the heart--no tech needed