Countdown to Advent

It has been a while since I wrote anything and I think that is because I have been in somewhat of a chaotic state myself, so in that chaos we find God and journey on. I have decided to finish my theology degree at Emmanuel College in Toronto, a different college of the Toronto School of Theology. The move from Knox was prompted as I withdrew from the discernment process in the summer.

This chaos I am facing stems from a denominational understanding of what it means to be "church"? Living the Questions, a DVD study, which is an introduction to Progressive Christianity, is on my desk at this moment beckoning to be listened to. Where is God in our lives today? How do we understand scripture? What does sola scriptura mean? Can we take the bible seriously, but not literally as prompted by Marcus Borg?

As we count down the weeks to Christmas the emails begin flying around that Christ is being removed from Christmas. I believe Christians removed Jesus a long time ago, and in that our souls are lost and wandering. "Teach me God to wonder" is a hymn we sang last week in church, I asked the congregation if we could also ask "teach me, God, to wander" as in wandering and wondering we learn.

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