The signs of spring

As I sit under the skylight in the part of the room I call my office, I am blessed with this sun on my shoulder. It feels warm like the hand of God reminding me that the sun always comes out even after the darkest hours.

I have been reading and re-reading the Presbyterian Record this month because the articles all seem to speak to my heart. I am especially warmed by Elleana Hoekstra's journal article about her work as a midwife in Malawi. Her father, Rev. Ed Hoekstra and her mother Jackie have been there for three years ministering in the Blantyre area. This real journal brings to life what it means to resurrect Christ to all people. Take the time to have a read.


It is also the most significant season for the church. Lent and Easter take us to the heart of our beliefs and can sometimes be a time where we question our faith and understanding of the resurrection.


Giggy Confusion: Embracing the meaning of the resurrection speaks to the mystery of it all. I find such wisdom in the quote "Like gazing at the sun, we are better not to look directly at the resurrection to think that we can solve it. Instead look around the edges." What does it mean to look a the edges of the resurrection? How can we bring the hope in the empty tomb to every person's life? That is a deep and probing question. I believe first we have to reconcile in ourselves what it means and be open to hear all possibilities. It is through absolutes that we are ridged and take the risk of being broken or at odds with others in this question.

Being our authentic and true selves we reconcile what the empty tomb means for us and it is in looking at the edges that we have enough mystery to allow for all mysteries to unfold.

Let God be that hand of sun on your shoulder guiding you to better understand the empty tomb and the significance of resurrection in your life. This week Ezekiel was in a valley of dry bones .... how can you put flesh on the bones of your life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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