A new adventure

It is here in England that I am embarking on a new adventure. I arrived here on June 30, 2009 to enjoy a week of leisure time in preparation of a Summer School Biblical study. I am patiently waiting to begin, however, it is already in process.

Upon leaving Canada I was tested to see my strength and trust as my mother was wisked off in the ambulance to the hospital at the same moment that I was to leave for the airport. I attempted to pospone the flight with no success. It would cost me too much. So I trusted in myself and my choices and headed for the airport knowing there is a chance I might never see my mother alive again. Now five days later I have been speaking with her in hospital and she is certainly not well but she is holding her own.

How do we know when to trust God and when we listen to our own voice? Should we trust God our own voice is always God's voice. It is when we listen to external voices we get off track. As I enjoyed coffee this morning in a room with about 10 others it was total silence. The others are here on a 'silent' retreat and are respectfully enjoying the solitude of the quiet. This college in Cuddesdon (pronounced Cudd-sdon) is a prime location for just such a retreat. The church of England is honoured here through Anglican study and the spirit of God is present. God is speaking to me but in a Canadian voice and I find it to be challenging to listen to the ecumenical voice of God when one is steeped in English tradition of Anglicanism while have experienced in the past the spirituality of the Canadian culture.

This being the first post of my journey I invite anyone and everyone to share in this post with comments and their own reflections. I am learning how this will enhance my journey and have wanted to be writing for a long time, just was never prompted until today to actually do it.

The English cloud is over head after days of oppressive heat. Today is a good day for the nourishment of rain to refresh the ground. I will add more later.

Thanks be to God and I pray for all those who love me and I them.

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